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Give Your Website a Spring Cleaning with These 5 Tips Your site can get cluttered, too.

2. Add SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the tiny “lock” icon near your site’s address bar that ensures your users that your site is safe from hackers or third parties attempting to break in. You’ve probably noticed it when logging into your bank account or Facebook. An SSL certificate ensures your users that their username and password are safe and secure. And even if your site does not require users to login, it’s still a good idea to put your users at ease with this simple tool.

Unfortunately, many hosting providers today charge extra to install an SSL certificate. A pro tip is to never pay for SSL. Instead, get one for free at with a few steps. If you have access to your host’s cPanel, check to see if they offer a simple, step-by-step wizard to install it.

Jon Zmikly

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