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FStoppers Makes Hilarious Mockumentary to Combat Illegal Downloads The mock-tutorial give some great tips on how to capture the essence of an Olive Garden parking lot

If you’re not familiar with FStoppers, it’s one of the largest photography websites that makes its money by creating instructional videos and photography tutorial videos. One of its most well-known works is a series called ‘Photographing The World,’ which consists of a professional photographer that teaches their viewers what techniques to use in different places and how to edit in the studio.

But recently, torrent sites have been providing free downloads to the membership-only videos, and FStoppers have decided to change that. The photography site developed a humorous mockumentary that followed the same style as their series “Photographing The World’ but changed the setting to an Olive Garden restaurant parking lot. ‘Photographing The World 3’ (the mock-tutorial), was so realistic it had viewers questioning whether or not it was serious. The video has now has gained over 44,000 views since its published date.

What makes the video so great is not only the location, but the techniques and commentary provided by Elia Locardi, teacher of landscape photography. In one shot, he captures the reflection of the Olive Garden in what he calls “the body of water,” which is just a nasty puddle of water with trash floating in it. Even in the editing process, he goes as far as adding Rome in the background and a cartoon gladiator with its shadow casting behind him while standing in the parking lot to make the image seem as believable as possible.

Although the video was purposely made for humor and to address the theft problem, some people were critical of the video, saying it created a double standard. According to Light Stalking, the team at FStoppers are taking the complains “all in stride and emphasizes the humorous spirit of the whole thing.”

Rikki Yanez

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