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Fox News Creating Its Own Streaming Service The service will be called "Fox Nation" and will feature a number of new faces and original content

Streaming services are extremely popular in today’s digital age, providing convenience, unlimited content, and on-demand accessibility. Pretty much any cable network already has its own digital access to video content, and so do front-runners like Netflix, and Hulu, to Playstation Vue and Sling TV.

Now Fox News has decided to throw its hat in the streaming game. And although the organization is a 24-hour news cable TV service, the hope is that Fox can get its fans content while not in their living rooms.

The service will be called “Fox Nation” and will feature a number of new faces and new content that viewers can enjoy at their leisure, as opposed to repeating content from Fox News. Although no information has been released about pricing, the service will be similar to that of ESPN’s streaming service.

While Fox is joining the market at a time where streaming services are overcrowded and everyone has a plan, Fox hopes that this new outlet, will draw in “superfans” who cannot get enough of Fox.

Checkout some of the reactions below from social media about the “Fox Nation” streaming service:


You can check out more reactions via Twitter about this recent announcement.

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