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“Fake Klay” Opens NBA Season as Top Meme The imposter looked and dressed like Klay Thompson, and fans couldn't get enough of him.

NBA fans had to do a double take when the Golden State Warriors opened their season mid-October against the Houston Rockets because what they saw was mid-boggling. In the stands, fans witnessed a doppelgänger version of shooting guard Klay Thompson, a version fans truly hope to never see on court (although he isn’t quite bad).

Though the imposter looked and dressed like Klay, fans couldn’t get enough of him and he became a new meme for the start of the NBA season.

The resemblance is definitely uncanny, posts on social media show the look-a-like dressed from head to toe in Warrior basketball shorts, shoes and even a Thompson jersey, depicting a real-life Thompson and even had fans believing (or somewhat believing) that it was really him.

The man behind the costume was Dawson Gurley, a Youtube star also known as Bigdawstv. Most of his videos have him tricking people into playing basketball with him, thinking that he is the real Klay Thompson.

Fans continued to flood social media streams with pictures of Gurley throughout the game, and the memes just kept coming. “Fake Klay” as Gurley was dubbed, could be seen in different sections of the game, especially behind the Warriors bench.

What did you think of “Fake Klay”? Was he a legit look-a-like, or just someone trying to boost their internet fame? Let us know in the comments below and definitely keep your eyes open for other doppelgängers this NBA season.

Chad Sanchez

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