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ESPN Turns ESPNU Into ESPN8: The Ocho For One Day Only On August 8, ESPNU will air sports you would never, ever see on TV.

Drawing inspiration from the 2004 film, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, ESPN has decided to use the idea of the fake ESPN network that aired professional dodgeball within the film.

On August 8, one day only, ESPNU will transform into ESPN8: The Ocho to air the most obscure professional sports you would never see outside of an internet stream such as trampoline dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and cornhole.

ESPN8: The Ocho’s full schedule (per ESPN Media):

DateTime (ET)TitleNetwork
Tues, Aug 8Midnight2016 American Disc Golf ChampionshipESPN8: “The Ocho”
2 a.m.2016 WFTDA Roller Derby ChampionshipsESPN8: “The Ocho”
4 a.m.2016 Sky Zone Ultimate Trampoline DodgeballESPN8: “The Ocho”
5:30 a.m.Firefighters World Challenge XXVESPN8: “The Ocho”
8 a.m.2016 Kabaddi World Cup FinalESPN8: “The Ocho”
9 a.m.World Darts ChampionshipESPN8: “The Ocho”
11:30 a.m.Arm Wrestling: Best of WAL 2016 ChampionshipESPN8: “The Ocho”
12:30 p.m.2017 Championship of BagsESPN8: “The Ocho”
2:30 p.m.EVO 2017 World Championship – Street FighterESPN8: “The Ocho”
5:00 p.m.Moxie GamesESPN8: “The Ocho”
7 p.m.U.S. Open Ultimate ChampionshipESPN8: “The Ocho”

Unfortunately, Dodgeball characters Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks will not be providing color commentary. That’s NOT a bold strategy, Cotton.

Are you planning to call in sick to work to watch the 2017 Championship of Bags, because I am.

Dezmond Moore

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