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ESPN Reporter Chokes on a Bug on Live Television "Get this man some water!"

ESPN Reporter Chokes on a Bug on Live Television

As a reporter, keeping your composure on live television is already tough enough as it is; you have people walking behind you waving their hands and giving their moms shoutouts while you try to do your job.

Over the weekend, ESPN reporter Michael Eaves had to endure an embarrassing moment while on site for the Spurs and Rockets game. What seemed to be another routine sideline report quickly turned awkward as Eaves swallowed a bug and couldn’t get his words out.

Mr. Eaves couldn’t believe it himself saying, “Who chokes on a bug inside?”

It’s tough out there for news reporters– just ask the guy who got struck by lightning.

Luis Seijo

Texas State University | 👟🍴🏀👨🏻‍💻

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