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EEC Approves Two New iPads for Apple Apple's new models are said to have some cutting-edge upgrades

If you like the edge-to-edge display on the new new iPhone X design, you might be excited to hear Apple’s new iPads might have them, too. According to Cult of Mac Apple is planing on creating two new iPad models that could include Face ID, edge-to-edge display, and slimmer bezels. Both of Apple’s new samples of the iPad and iPhone have recently been approved by Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and can now go ahead with creating new models with a possible redesign.

The devices have ‘A1893” and “A1954”, which do not match the current iPads, and many samples with ‘AA” and “CC” model number prefixes have also been approved. This means the iPads could look quite different from the current models, along with speed and display updates. Typically, when Apple releases new products there is either a whole new redesign take the iPhone X for example, and a new iOS version as well.

According to Cult of Mac, Apple’s iPad Pro updates were confirmed last June, which means the updates are about 8 months in the making. For tech fanatics, a new, modern iPads could be just what the device needs to bring content creation and consumption to the next level.

Rikki Yanez

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