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Combustion In Super Slow Motion A YouTuber has created an engine that allows the viewer to see how combustion works

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With over 170,000 subscribers, the YouTube channel “Warped Perception” has shown they world why it deserves every single follower. As its most viewed video, the content creating channel has made a combustion engine with a glass head/top to show us how combustion actually works from inside the engine.

With this view, we are given new insight on how the world of mechanics works and how truly intricate it can be. Within the video you can see how the spark plug works with the piston and crankshaft, alongside the valves injecting fuel and air.

Other slow motion accounts, like the Slow Mo Guys have given the world a look at never-before-seen moments like mid-air paintball collisions, raining food, and even a German shepherd catching water in its mouth. Today’s visual technology has allowed for content creators to develop ultra-slow motion videos in high definition at frame rates as high as 28,500fps, and the niche concept is gaining momentum.

If you want to learn more about how to achieve super slow motion, check out our Coiski 101 on Using High Frame Rates for Slow Motion Video.

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