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#coiskiSXSW: Breakout Trend of 2017 is ‘Deep Machine Learning’ What is deep machine learning, and how will it affect the future of content?

At the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards on Tuesday, innovators were awarded for “the most exciting tech developments in the connected world.” From categories like Health, Med & Biotech, to Smart Cities, winners included the 3Doodler Pro – a 3D printing pen, and DuoSkin, which turns temporary tattoos into connected interfaces. But one of the awards – the Breakout Trend – didn’t go to one single company, person or innovation; instead, it focused on the topic that “gained the most traction during SXSW Interactive 2017.” And this year, it was Deep Machine Learning.

What is deep machine learning?

Deep machine learning is basically the next level of artificial intelligence (AI) as it relates to software and our daily lives. Machine learning has been around for a while, and it’s the reason Facebook can show you ads based on what you’ve “liked” or your browsing history. But deep machine learning goes beyond a simple algorithm and proves that computers can be “trained” to perform tasks and learn from the data it’s given.

For example, think about a self-driving car. External cameras not only have to identify objects and read signs but also understand what a sign might mean and learn from the movement of other objects in a space. Deep machine learning can be built into software, AI interfaces like Alexa or Siri, and other exciting innovations like robots or smart houses. Yes, this means we’re entering the Terminator days.

As deep machine learning continues develop and grow, we will start to see its effects in our everyday lives. Netflix recommendations will be more accurate. Facial recognition will be used for logins as opposed to perilous passwords. As the breakout trend of SXSW 2017, check out what people at the Interactive conference were saying about machine learning and how it will affect our content of the future:

It Will Be A Money-Maker

Get on board with AI and deep machine learning now, and you could be a very well-off content creator. Mark Cuban said it best in his Sunday evening session: the world’s first trillionaire will be an AI entrepreneur.

Some Content Will Be Automated

Facebook has been using computers to write headlines on trending topics for a while now. And soon we’ll start seeing full articles, pictures and video from computers as well. While not all content will be automated, many of the mundane or simple tasks will be relegated to computers. For example, Intel is using facial recognition and machine learning to search text and images to help find missing and exploited children.

Customer Service Will Improve

No one likes waiting on the phone for hours to get to a customer service representative. A new invention known as “Chatbots” are currently being developed (and labeled as “the next big thing” after apps) to give customers a more enjoyable user experience with a brand or company. For an example, think about renting a car. Chances are, you probably won’t download the Enterprise or Hertz apps just to do so. Wouldn’t it be easier to send a Facebook Message to a company, detailing where, when and what type of car you want? A bot can parse your question and then send you a quote faster and more efficiently than a human can. This is the future of deep learning and AI. Pretty exciting!


Jon Zmikly

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