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Brazilian Photographer Transforms the ‘Normal’ into ‘Stunning’ Gilmar Silva's project 'LUGARxPHOTO' is nothing short of mesmerizing and inspiring

For photographers and journalists alike, finding the perfect picture to convey a story can be an ongoing struggle. But finding a good picture in a rather dull environment can seem like an impossibility.

For Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva, his project titled LUGARxFOTO (translated “PLACExPHOTO”) showcases how any environment, no matter how uninspiring it may seem on the surface, can be transformed into a beautiful backdrop for your photography.

For the project, Silva posts a “before and after” picture, showcasing the setting and the final project. The outcome is nothing short of mesmerizing and inspiring for anyone trying to enhance their creative ability behind a camera.

A recurring theme in this project is the use of natural props to enhance lighting and unity within his photos. Silva is great at using flowers and leaves to create a colorful light source. This enables him to bring a setting to life that would seem rather uninspiring to average photographer.

Silva’s editing skills are also masterful in their own right. Choosing a quality color pallet for your photo is an important step for creating visual unity. and Silva really understands how to enhance a natural environment by saturating specific colors. In many of these pictures, the setting could potentially work against the photographer, but utilizing a lens blur is a great technique to hide any unwanted noise.

Silva also works within his camera’s visual scope and understands that not everything you see needs to be showcased in a photo. Bringing down his subject matter to a single focal point enables him to manipulate his audience into believing the content of the picture.

These strategies all play into Silva’s success as a photographer and truly showcase how a visual artist can make something out of nothing. As the media industry continues to grow, more and more professionals are required to take photos with their work. To some,┬áthe days of knowing one specific craft is over, but Silva’s photography is an inspiring way to show how an idea can be transformed into a reality.

Check out more of Silva’s work on his Instagram page.

Exsar Arguello

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