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Beautiful Snow and Ice Photos from Around America Many photographers braved the elements to bring us some amazing shots

As the arctic chill tightens its grip on America, many states are getting record snowfall, negative temperatures, power outages and tree damage. Even many of the southern states from Florida to southeast Virginia have seen major ice accumulation, and wind chills reaching downwards of -60º in northern states like the Dakotas.

But despite the harrowing weather, many photographers are seeing it as an opportunity to find beauty in the storm. We’ve curated a few of the best shots of snow, ice and freezing temperatures so far by some of the best weather photographers in the business. Check them out below!

1. Seth Gaffar / Portland, Maine

Seth Gaffar is a costal landscape and lifestyle photographer out of Portland, ME. He’s been sharing some amazing shots of snow and beach life since the weather started, and he’s got a creative eye. Check out more of his work on his Instagram account.

Jon Zmikly

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