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BBC Reporter Gets Slapped On Live TV After Touching a Woman Inappropriately He "unintentionally" risked it all.

During a live interview in Bradford, England, covering the launch of Labours manifesto, BBC reporter Ben Brown landed himself in a tricky situation after a local woman popped up in his shot.

As she entered the shot, the woman gave a thumbs up and mouthed the words, “absolutely fantastic”. Then what happened next might not be described as absolutely fantastic.

Viewers can see Brown look at the woman and extend his arm to ward the woman off, but his hand makes contact with the woman’s breast.

The woman obviously didn’t appreciate Brown’s hand placement and gave him a good slap on the shoulder before retreating.

Brown took to Twitter to provide some explanation to the peculiar incident.

According to The Guardian, BBC would take no further action against Brown as it was “clearly an accident”.

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