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BBC Presenter Falls in a Pool Mid-Interview Mike Bushell's interview with England's swimmers took a turn for the worst when he accidentally fell into a pool

Every journalist’s worst nightmare is for something unexpected or embarrassing to happen live on air. On Wednesday morning, this was the case for BBC Breakfast’s Mike Bushell.

During an interview about the Commonwealth Games with England’s swimmers, interviewer Bushell decided to get into the pool. However, he missed a step, which made him slip into the water with his sound pack on. Mind you, this happened just moments after stating he needed to be careful.

Instead of freaking out, Bushell played the incident off smoothly, while the team couldn’t continue the interview due to their continuous laughter. The video has since gone viral, and many people instantly took to Twitter about how this moment was the “most British thing they’ve ever seen” for his laugh-it-off attitude and profuse apologies after the incident. Others on Twitter were roasting the person in charge of setting up the interview inside the pool, since something bad was bound to happen.

Pro tip to future journalists: Stay away from water at all cost when having your sound pack on. And if you happen to find yourself in this situation, just laugh it off and keep rolling.

Rikki Yanez

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