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Back To School: 4 Best Educational Tech Tools for the Classroom Put away the traditional chalkboards and pencils, and make way for a more digital classroom experience

4. FlipGrid

Another new and free resource that teachers can implement in the classroom is Flipgrid. This interactive classroom (“grid”) allows teachers to post videos, facilitate discussions, pose open-ended questions, and prompts students to respond in a variety of ways all while interacting with other classmates. Think of it as a social/learning experience where students can collaborate with one another and help each other understand course content. Flipgrid also allows users to upload their content and share with others, so finding similar content is simple and effective.

With these new tools, teachers could help pioneer new learning experiences for future generations. And while these tools are unique in each aspect, these are not a “one-stop-shop” for the classroom. Rather, they can act as new resources to add to your teaching toolkit. Let us know if these tools have helped your classroom in the comments below!

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