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Apple Rumored to be Developing the Largest iPhone Yet Along with two other iPhones, Apple is working on phones that appeal to all consumers

Apple is rumored to be releasing three new iPhone models later this year, one being its largest phone yet. Employees who work for Apple told the press about the new plans but wanted to remain anonymous. According to these sources, Apple will announce its plans in the fall, but of course with rumors, nothing is set in stone.

The innovative phone / tech company is trying to revamp its phones sales after projected total units sold throughout 2017 fell short by approximately 2.9 million units. Pundits have said the shortage in iPhone X sales has a lot to do with the $1000 price tag on the new iPhone X. Apple has learned that the consumers want a phone cheaper than the iPhone X but more cutting edge than the iPhone 8. So, Apple plans to produce a iPhone that can meet both expectations.

One of the models will feature a much larger screen, with a dual screen capability. This will appeal to consumers who want a “phablet”, a phone built like a tablet, as well as business professionals who will more easily be able to write emails and manage spreadsheets. The phones are said to have upgraded augmented reality (AR) capabilities, more advanced Siri assistance, digital health monitoring and the ability to use Animojis in FaceTime.

The cheaper iPhone X model will still offer the face recognition capabilities, and the same design as the iPhone X. However, tech reviewers aren’t sure if Apple will use E-SIM technology on the new models, which will connect the phone to multiple networks, making a SIM card obsolete.

To keep the cheaper version of the iPhone X at a reasonable price, Apple will use LCD screen technology similar to the type employed in the iPhone 8, along with aluminum edges and the same glass back.

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