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Apple Releases (PRODUCT) RED iPhone The red color variation is available on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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On Monday, Apple announced a new red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus color variation. The (PRODUCT) RED as it’s formally known, was released the past two years on the company’s mid-cycle as an incentive raise AIDS awareness. According to the Apple website, “Every (PRODUCT) RED™ purchase, from iPhone 8 Special Edition to an Apple Watch band, brings us one step closer to an AIDS-free generation.”

Nothing was said about the iPhone X getting any new colors, but like the iPhone 8, RED will have a glass backing. Virgin Mobile UK employees broke the news to the media late last week via a written memo. In the memo they detailed that Apple will be having pre-orders, but the official release date is set to be Friday.

With no notable technical differences from past iPhones, the red version does offer a black bezel on the front, as well as black font on the back. Typically, iPhones have a white font on the rear. Apple is also dropping a red leather case Friday, which goes for $99.

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