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Apple Premieres New Reality Show ‘Planet of The Apps’ Just like ABC's "Shark Tank," entrepreneurs can pitch app ideas to potential business partners

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Apple Music is expanding its reach with a new reality TV show called Planet of The Apps. The program, available on Apple Music, is similar to “Shark Tank” in that app developers pitch their ideas to Jessica Alba,, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk in hopes of gaining a business partner. If the app developers convince a business partner, they advance to pitching their application to investors.

New episodes drop each week, but only those with a subscription can access and view the show. According to Verto, Apple Music currently has over 40.7 million monthly unique users, and exclusive shows may be the push that Apple needs to ensure more users subscribe.

For now, Planet of The Apps has many entrepreneurs excited to present their ideas to people that could help them become more successful through funding and publicity. However, only a few ideas were funded in the first episode, though many were presented.

With Apple Music now providing original series similar to Netflix it will be interesting to see what competitors will do and what different shows Apple will provide in the future.

Felipe Partida

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