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Apple Plans to Take Over the Earphone Market with New Model Apple already owns Beats by Dre, so the next stop is dominating the earphones market

Apple has obviously revolutionized the smartphone industry and continues to dominate the headphone market with its purchase of the already revolutionary Beats by Dre headphones. Next stop for the company is cornering the earphone industry.

The company has made huge strides with the release of its latest wireless earphones, AirPods, selling 85% of all headphones in U.S this year so far. The Bluetooth-enabled device seems to be flying of the shelves like never before, and the earphones’ smooth wireless design has a lot to do with that.

Apple wants to compete with companies like Bose, Skullcandy, Sony, and even its own company Beats by Dre. Apple’s earphones already dominate more than 25% of the market, so they’re definitely “making noise” and giving other companies some competition.

The next version of the Air Pods are rumored to release at the end of the year, just in time to make the Christmas list. The exact release date is unknown, since the company may take more time for a slick redesign and further tweaks. Apple is making the earphones with noise cancellation technology and new Siri activation capabilities. So, the company is also seeking a new manufacturing partner to give the product a different feel, while keeping the product at a reasonable price for consumers.

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Ahmad Muhammad

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