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App that Gives Your Pet a Voice "My Talking Pet" gives content creators a new muse for storytelling

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A new app called “My Talking Pet” has been giving content creators and everyday pet owners the chance to create funny content beyond the typical cat video. The app uses face sensor technology to pick up on the animal’s facial features, such as eyes, mouth and cheeks. It can then replay a pre-recorded voice memo, and your pet will actually seem like it’s repeating your own words.

Different from previous talking pet apps like “My Talking Tom”, this app allows the consumers to use their own pets’ animated image instead of using a made-up character. Simply take a picture of your pet, and watch the face sensor technology slowly animate the animal’s whole face.

Some of the results have been pretty amazing.

The “My Talking Tom” app was immensely popular when it initially dropped in 2013. It has over fourteen million downloads, and it was the first app to really popularize this type of app. It still is a landmark product, like other iconic apps such as Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Words with Friends, and Flappy Bird. These apps inspired a wave of other apps that proceeded them.

The app has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play store with over 3900 reviews, and it’s getting plenty of attention in the Apple App Store as well. The app sells for $2.99, which isn’t bad for such a creative app. With constant updates and new features bound to come out , this phone app is bound to be downloaded by pet lovers everywhere.

Ahmad Muhammad

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