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Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Tell You Where Your Package Is Now you can go crazy on Amazon 'Prime Day'.

Let’s face it. Alexa is starting to sound like it could replace your current girlfriend or boyfriend. Alexa can judge your outfitdrain your bank account, and do over 15,000 other tasks. And not those kinds of tasks. Tsk tsk.

Amazon will now be adding to a previous feature of Alexa’s. Before, users could track Amazon packages by simply asking Alexa to do just that. Soon, Amazon Echo speakers will be receiving an update that has Alexa inform users the date their latest Amazon purchase is expected to deliver.

Once a user has checked the order status of a package, Alexa will ask them if they would like to be notified when their package is out for delivery. If yes, the Echo LED ring will glow yellow on the day the package is set to arrive.

The new function can’t tell you the exact moment a package will arrive making it rather trivial, but it could be the start toward Alexa doing just that.

Right now, it’s simply a small feature to get you pumped up for Amazon ‘Prime Day’.

Dezmond Moore

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