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#AboutLastNight: Nick Foles Becomes Twitter’s Newest Meme During NFC Championship Game Twitter users got creative with who the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback could have been talking to

The NFL postseason has proven to be full of surprises this year. From the comeback win by the Minnesota Vikings, to the Pittsburgh Steelers getting bounced out by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and another comeback win by the New England Patriots in the postseason, anything is possible until the clock hits zero.

The stage was set for the Philadelphia Eagles to take on the Minnesota Vikings last night, and Twitter users were locked in to capitalize on any hilarious and unexpected moments to come.

After the Eagles won, Philly was a little chaotic.

The meme of the night came from Eagles quarterback Nick Foles who found time to take an important call in the middle of the NFC championship game.

Maybe someone was looking for the Krabby patty?

Or maybe his mom wanted to be sure his son was in good health.

Nick Foles has been practicing his best Liam Neeson impersonation…

Nick Foles is here to get the government shutdown issues solved.

It’ll be exciting to see what the spotlight of the Super Bowl will bring, along with some funny commercials. Super Bowl 52 is on February 4th, 2018, who’s your pick?

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