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#AboutLastNight: 15 Hysterical Tweets Roasting Lonzo Ball’s Signature Sneaker Twitter just had a field day

Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand unveiled Ball’s first signature sneaker, the ZO2, after negotiations with Nike, adidas, and Under Armor fell through last week due to the displeasure and disinterest of a standard endorsement deal by CEO of BBB and Lonzo’s father, Lavar Ball. Many people thought BBB had severed any ties at getting Lonzo an endorsement deal before he entered the NBA, but apparently, BBB was already prepared to stay independent if none of the major sneaker brands were interested in co-branding. Come draft day, Lonzo Ball will now be the first NBA athlete to have his own independently made signature sneaker.

This unique move should definitely have effects on future athlete endorsement deals but with Lavar’s outspoken ways and all of the hype Lonzo has received during his only year at UCLA, the internet was more interested in what the shoe looked like.

And after the shoe and the price tag was posted, Twitter had a field day.

Dezmond Moore

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