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8 Announcements from Amazon’s ‘Surprise’ Event Check out these amazing tech tools Amazon has been working on under the radar

Last week Amazon held an unannounced press event where the e-commerce giant previewed a variety of new Alexa-enabled devices such as: an all-new Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Buttons, Echo Spot, Echo Connect, and a brand new Fire TV. Amazon also announced the deal with BMW that will put Alexa into their vehicles, new international availability and many new features that range from enhanced smart home control to international calling.

Here are a few of the updates from the event.

1. The Echo Spot

The Spot will sell for $130 and begin delivering in December in the US, and the UK and Germany in early 2018. The device has a small round display that can show different clock faces, play videos, and essentially display anything that the Echo Show can. The Echo Spot also includes video flash briefings and security camera feeds, as well as a four-mic array (two up from the Echo Dot).

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