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7 Ways to Improve Your Photo Skills Check out these helpful tips for beginners that will take your photography skills to the next level

5. Experiment with Different Lenses

Any good photographer will tell you how expensive, but worthwhile a good lens can be. If you have the money, or happen to have access to different sizes of lenses, experiment with them to understand that different types of lenses can produce different images. Lenses that are under 21mm, for example, will produce an extreme wide angle. 21-35mm lenses produce a wide angle, 35-70mm produce a normal shot, 70-135mm produce a medium shot, and 135-300+ produce a very close up angles.

Lenses under 21mm are perfect for capturing architectural shots such as buildings and aerial images. Lenses 21-35mm are perfect for capturing images of landscapes, which will help you bring more space into your images. 35-70mm lenses are used for everyday images, such as taking pictures on the street or in a large room. Lenses between 70-135mm are good for portraits. Lastly, lenses that are 135-300+mm are best for capturing details such as sports, birds and wildlife.

Rikki Yanez

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