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7 Ways to Improve Your Photo Skills Check out these helpful tips for beginners that will take your photography skills to the next level

2. Learn the Camera Basics

Knowing some basic vocabulary and key terms can help you bring your images to the next level before editing. For example, knowing how to adjust your ISO (sensitivity to light), f-stop (how fast your shutter speed is), and aperture (how much light you let in) are the ABC’s of photography. In a well lit room, such as a gym with large windows, be sure to set your ISO to the lowest number, ranging between 200-400. If you find yourself in a dark setting, such as a night football game, you will want to set your ISO to 1600-6400.

The f-stop and aperture go hand-in-hand when adjusting settings, since the f-shop allows you to adjust the size of the aperture, whereas the aperture determines how much light that will let in. Once you learn how to adjust these key settings, you will be one step closer to moving your photos from good to great.

Rikki Yanez

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