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The 7 Best Social Media ‘Challenges’ of All Time Revisiting the viral trends that swept the internet.

The 7 Best Social Media 'Challenges' of All Time

Ice Bucket Challenge

What started as a fundraising campaign, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge quickly transformed into one of the biggest viral sensations ever, drawing in celebrities, such as Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to do the challenge. The challenge took form in 2014 when golfer Chris Kennedy was nominated by a friend to partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge, not associated with ALS at the time. He was to choose a charity to donate to, and then pass it on. He selected ALS and passed it on due to a relative suffering from the disease. The challenge spread from Florida to New York to Boston; soon after, it swept through all of the United States.

Dezmond Moore

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