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The 7 Best Social Media ‘Challenges’ of All Time Revisiting the viral trends that swept the internet.

The 7 Best Social Media 'Challenges' of All Time

Every year the internet sees a new viral trend come to life that brings people together to partake in the joyful โ€œchallengesโ€. Over the years weโ€™ve seen trends that include staying still, laying down, crazy dances, and pouring freezing cold water over yourself that have swept the internet. Weโ€™ve compiled a list of the top social media challenges to ever hit the net and included some of our individual favorites.


Best Social Media Challenges of All Time

The Planking Challenge is the granddaddy of them all. Planking arguably started it all when it filled Facebook feeds everywhere from 2010-2011. The term planking originated in 2008 in Australia when Sam Weckert and friends decided to create a Facebook page to share photos of the best planking photos. Since then, Planking has spawned multiple different variations, including Gallon Smashing, Owling, and the best of the best, Tebowing.

Best Social Media Challenges of All Time

Best Social Media Challenges of All Time

Best Social Media Challenges of All Time

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