The Wind Up: The Side Winder by Fuse This Kickstarter accessory will eliminate all your MacBook charging woes

Tired of a tangled cords, frayed cables, or replacing broken MacBook chargers? Well, worry no longer because the people at Fuse have created a new product called the Side Winder, designed to make those charger difficulties nonexistent.

The Side Winder is an accessory that organizes your charger’s cables, keeping them maintained and manageable. Acting as a reel, the device holds and stores your charger while allowing your cables to effortlessly be extended to reach that plug across the room. Along with keeping you organized, the Side Winder keeps your charger safe from everyday wear and tear, eliminating frayed cables and damaged connections, all in a sleek Apple-esque design.

So, how does it work? The main feature and function of the Side Winder is the reel that holds your charger. By unclipping the top of the Side Winder, the product opens up and has a space for your charger in the center while storing its cables around it in the reel. By using anti-fraying technology inside the reel, the accessory keeps your charger in good shape throughout its life. The outside of the Side Winder features a handle for rewinding the cord after use, which allows your charger to be effortlessly extended when you need to use it and quickly packed up when you’re done in as little as 6 seconds.

The idea of Fuse Reel’s Side Winder came from Apple users who were tired of purchasing new laptop chargers. Rather than purchasing a new charger (which can cost up to $79 US), the Side Winder offers a way to maintain the life of your original laptop charger, despite its horrendous reviews.

The Side Winder is currently available from Fuse Reel’s website as well as its Kickstarter page where the project has generated a little over 13 times the amount of its original $20,000 goal with the help of nearly 6,000 backers. The Side Winder will retail for $29.99 after its funding phase, which ends October 19 at 9:23 am.

Will Apple respond to the success of the Side Winder by creating its own version of the charger reel? Or is a partnership between Apple and Fuse Reel in the foreseeable future? Tell us what you think might happen and how you feel about the Side Winder in a comment below!

Hunter Tigert

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