Warner Bros. Releases Immersive VR Short for “Dunkirk” Experience the new movie before it hits theaters with this all-too-realistic 360 video

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Virtual reality (VR) continues to be a major trend in the media industry, hitting IMAX theaters and even the NBA and WWE. And now Warner Brothers is getting in on the action with its new blockbuster, “Dunkirk”.

While “Dunkirk” has been slated to release within the next couple of weeks, Warner Bros. have released a short, 5-minute VR experience early for consumers. In this immersive experience, users witness three main scenes: soldiers drowning, a first-person pilot simulation, and soldiers preparing for enemy fire.

As bullets wiz past into the water, the user truly gets a sense of what this upcoming movie will be like. The VR short focuses on the emotional moments, rather than the action-packed scenes, which is somewhat fitting to its title of “Save Every Breath”. The interactive video is centered around some of the heavy imagery in the film, which really sets the scene for anyone intending to watch it come release day.

The new VR video has been published across a few platforms, such as Youtube 360, Facebook 360, LIFE VR, as well as the HTC Vive. It was released at the brand new two-day VR in the Sky event on July 12th at the Time Inc. headquarters in NYC.

For those who are curious about the movie, it is set in the beginning of World War 2 in Dunkirk, France. The cast includes Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney and Jack Lowden. As media companies find new ways to hype upcoming releases, we may be seeing more VR experiences in the near future.

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