Vine Creator Tweets Out Hint of Vine 2.0 Coming back for 6 seconds of fame

Vine created some of the most noteworthy content that still lingers today. Although the platform didn’t survive, it still lives on via YouTube compilations and Twitter videos. But it appears we may not have seen the last of our favorite 6-second video app.

The founder of Vine, Don Hofmann, took to Twitter to reveal a minor hint at what he’s working on, and it looks pretty familiar.

Simple and straight to the point, we see an image that says “v2”. Vine 2.0? The color and font choice are identical to the original logo, so Hofmann isn’t leaving much to the imagination. As expected, the Twitter world is starting to respond.

If this is true, we can’t wait to see what kind of content Vine 2 will provide. Would you be excited for the comeback of Vine? Let us know down below!

Luis Seijo

Texas State University | 👟🍴🏀👨🏻‍💻

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