TVs Decline as Streaming Services and Smartphones Soar TV sales are slowly disappearing from living rooms across America

As streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu begin to replace cable and satellite subscriptions, more and more Americans are moving out of the living room and onto their smartphones for video content.

No wonder television sets are on the decline.

In a recent report by the U.S. Energy Administration Information, TVs are disappearing from homes across America, alongside satellite and cable subscriptions. While it may seem like a small number, TV sets have decreased to to 2.3 per household across the country, compared to 2.6 per household in 2009.

While there are many reasons for the decline, most researchers are pointing to streaming video services and the rise of smartphones, computers and tablets. Now that consumers can stream high quality content without a TV subscription, they’re saving money and time.

Statistics show that in 2013 the average person spent a little over 60 hours per week watching TV. Three years later, that number has decreased to under 56 hours. Today, almost 3% of American households do not even own a TV, number which has been increasing since the late 1990’s.

What do you think about the recent downfall in the television world? At first it was Netflix taking over the likes of cable and satellite, and now the physical appliance of TV is leaving as well. Is this a change for the better? Or do you think that this is leading to more convenient ways to get the same content in the long run? Let us know in the comments below.

Joe R. Wells

Currently attending college in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Theology. I collect sneakers and go on mission trips with my church every summer.

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