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Spotify Wants Users to Help Expand Its Music Data Spotify's new feature Line-In will leverage the power of the 'crowd' to additional information about artists

Spotify recently announced a new tool called Line-In, which lets its music lovers suggest additional information aside from what it currently lists for artists and genres. This new feature will help Spotify get a different perspective from users and how they interpret the music they’re listening to.

According to TechCrunch, some additional categories that users can suggest include genres, explicitness, languages, mood, aliases, tags, artist roles, and external links.

Line-In will improve the overall user experience, giving listeners more options to learn more about the music than the app currently provides. Currently, this feature is only accessible through desktop. To access the feature, you can select the three dots near Song, Artists, or Album and then select “Suggest and Edit.”

Another alternative to getting users’ input and contribute to data collection is allowing them to take multiple choice quizzes or surveys, which share their knowledge or track a mood or explicitness. Spotify noted they will also be creating an interface that gathers corrections, such as incorrect album titles, to send to the artists to fix.

This new tool is not only perfect for users who are knowledgeable about music, but it will also help content creators who are in search for that perfect song for videos or podcast intros. Line In is sure to provide creators a plethora of information that will create a more defined search, whether they are looking for a specific mood or song.

Rikki Yanez

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