Snapchat Selling Spectacles through Amazon At $129.99, you can get your Spectacles with two-day delivery

Snap Inc. has reintroduced the Snap Spectacles and are available directly through Amazon in black, coral and teal colors. The spectacles are priced at $129.99, and while they are sold from Snapchat, Amazon will process and ship orders with the option of next-day delivery.

If you remember well, the spectacles were all the hype last fall when Snap released them at select vending machine locations. People lined up outside the machines for miles just to get their hands on the popular tech. They even opened a retail location in New York City for the holiday season to sell the “must-have” glasses.

To get a glimpse of what the spectacles look like, take a look at the interactive vending machines, and how people are utilizing the spectacles in creative ways:


Spectacles are able to capture a unique eye-level perspective, allowing viewers to be immersed in the creator’s own videos. What’s also great about Spectacles is that they are capable of recording longer video, usually 10-30 seconds, and can be viewed on smartphones by simply uploading them to the device and selecting what to share with the world.

While sales for Spectacles haven’t been too high in the first quarter, only selling about 60,000 pairs, Snap Inc. claims the glasses are only experimental and have not generated significant revenue.

Check out the review of the Spectacles courtesy of The Verge:

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