Snapchat Brings Your Bitmoji to Life with New Update Step aside, break dancing hotdog -- avatars are now 3D and animated

If you’ve spent any time on Snapchat the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed an amazing dancing hotdog popping up in different scenes of your friends’ lives. From nose piercings to street dancing, the little guy has been break dancing his way throughout the internet, and people can’t seem to get enough.

Building on the character’s great success, Snapchat has now added 3D Bitmoji into the mix, allowing users to post videos and picture of their very own cartoon selves doing everything from skateboarding, to playing electric guitar, to drinking a cup of joe.

Back in April when Snapchat first released the World Lens feature, users have been able integrate augmented reality (AR) elements to their stories, but now these immersive experiences are getting personal. Using just a smartphone camera, your animated avatar can become your new best friend, joining you in your adventures and building a life all its own.

Bitmoji can be scaled up or down in size and can be fastened to any area of the scene, making the interaction more fluid and lifelike. To add yours, simply use the rear camera Lens option and scroll through the choices. Of course, you must first install the Bitmoji app and create your own character. Check out what some creative users have already posted:


Have you tried it out? Let us know what you think of the update in the comments below!

Jon Zmikly

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