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Snapchat Adds Analytics for Content Creators Users will now be able to target their audiences like never before

Snapchat's Latest Tools

Many content creators have shied away from Snapchat because it doesn’t offer the native analytics provided by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Without those numbers, it can be difficult to make profit on the app or know how to effectively target their audiences.

But now for the first time ever, Snapchat is opening the data floodgates to content creators. The analytics will show the number of views they received on their Stories in the past week, month, and year to date. Users will also be able to view how much time their audience spent viewing their Stories in minutes in the past week, month, and year to date, as well as daily unique Story viewers and the average time spent viewing each snap, along with completion rates.

Not only can creators view that information, but Snapchat’s Audience Insights will let creators view valuable demographics such as top age bracket, gender, and geographic locations. And it will allow them to view their audience’s interest areas, such as movies, music, beauty or traveling.

Before Snapchat offered these new analytics tools, creators would have to screenshot the number of views they received on their Stories to show companies that they were worthy of having sponsored content and product placement deals, according to TechCrunch.

In addition to these changes, people all over the world that aren’t subscribed to a brand or business’ Snapchat now have access to their story in the Discover side of the app where all the other Media Content resides. Now content creators with large followings can create content for their audience’s interest group, or target a specific age demographic or geographic region to promote a product for a company.

This also means Snapchat users can get in sponsorship deals with big stars or companies and perhaps give a percentage of the profits from the ads that run along content creators’ Story. This new feature is not only beneficial for creators, but for Snapchat since it won’t have creators fleeing to Instagram their top competitor.

Rikki Yanez

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