Samsung Swears its Update to the Galaxy Note Is Completely Safe No, the new rendition won't come with a fire extinguisher

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? The device that was shipped last year with exploding batteries and had multiple recalls? Well, is back. But the newest model of this series, the Galaxy Note 8, comes with upgraded features and a guarantee that it won’t burst into flames. Here is the rundown on the new phone.

The Note 8 comes with a pressure-sensitive S-Pen like its predecessor, as well as water resistance, and the iconic rounded edged screen. Plus, the device took some cues from Apple and created a dual-camera system for an improved range of shots, from closeups to wide angles.

Probably the worst part about this phone is its decreased battery life. But at least it won’t cause the device to explode in your hand this time. To be sure of that, Samsung has tested it with an 8-point battery safety check, and the device underwent a rigorous quality assurance process, including X-ray testing. Samsung hasn’t exactly touched on last year’s debacle, but the company did reassure users that they are “committed to quality” more than ever before. With those updates, Samsung is sure to not screw up the batteries this time. We hope.

One of the best features is its recording quality and display. The new camera will rival its competitor, the iPhone 7 plus, and will feature a new telephoto lens for close-ups and a “portrait mode” option. In addition, the Note 8 has a new infinity display, meaning that the screen will wrap around the edges to make the picture seem perfect.

Pre-orders started August 24th, and the devices will ship on September 15th with a price point floating around the $900 range through different cell phone providers. Will you be eager to pick up the new Samsung phone? Or do you think you’ll skip this model? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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