Remembering the Selfie Olympics on #NationalSelfieDay The Selfie Olympics was a magical time.

If you were on Twitter at the start of 2014, you most likely know what the Selfie Olympics is.

For those of you that were not on Twitter or were just too young or old to remember, the Selfie Olympics was a viral competition to take the most original and mind-blowing selfie in the bathroom using props, costumes and various different poses.

Content Is King, always, but during the Selfie Olympics creativity was key.

Here are the 25 most memorable selfies from the Selfie Olympics:

The “Ramen Struggle” Selfie

We’ve all dealt with the ramen noodles struggle, but ramen in the sink? Nah man.

The “Leg Stretch” Selfie

Your fave Olympic gymnast could never.


Yes, I know you can set a timer, but the wizard behind this still had to let go of the phone mid-air and get out of the frame before the picture was taken. There is no other explanation besides wizardry.

The “2K” Selfie

You can get the L in 2K anywhere these days.

The “E.T.” Selfie

E.T. selfie home.

Dezmond Moore

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