Live Streaming Soon Coming to Vimeo After its recent Livestream acquisition, Vimeo is jumping into the live video game

The video sharing site Vimeo has finally joined the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with the ability to live stream. After announcing its Livestream acquisition, the site will now launch Vimeo Live, which will allow content creators to record, edit, stream and archive live events in hopes of generating new revenue from advertisers.

Vimeo has traditionally taken a different approach in terms of its content compared to YouTube or other video sharing sites. With content geared more toward projects, and providing useful tools for companies, creators, and brands, Vimeo is hoping video creators will take advantage of the live feature to share unique content, such as events, meetings, and other resources.

Users will be able to select a paid plan on how they want to create with Vimeo. This includes storage, selling video content, and now live streaming to name a few. One account even focuses on business content only.

With the strong community behind Livestream, Vimeo has not just purchased new technology but valuable content and brand loyalty. The streaming site currently powers over 10 million events each year, along with over 10,000 paying subscribers. This audience and reach will be a huge get for Vimeo.

The website assures you that the streaming will be in pristine condition, that it will be stress-free, and allows for higher engagement all around. What do you think about the new additions to the Vimeo website? Do you think that Vimeo poses much threat to YouTube? Let us know what you think about the all new Vimeo update, and how you might use it as a content creator!

Joe R. Wells

Currently attending college in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Theology. I collect sneakers and go on mission trips with my church every summer.

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