Le’Veon Bell Comes At Stephen A. Smith Via Twitter Another case of Twitter fingers

Admit it, we all have our moments when we just want to take to Twitter to vent our frustrations. From subtweets to blatantly calling someone out, everyone does it — even celebrities and athletes. Especially celebrities and athletes.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell took to Twitter on Tuesday to call out one well known sports analyst Stephen A. Smith. It all started when Stephen A. called out Le’Von on his debate show First Take, saying the player was “one of the best” in the league but also calling him a “decoy” from opponents.

Needless to say, the message wasn’t exactly received the way it was intended on Bell’s side, and he let Stephen A. know.

And then Le’Veon seemed to back track just a bit.

Since it was still early in the morning, Stephan A. Smith took time out of his First Take segment to quickly address the miscommunication.

It seems like Stephen A. Smith is always getting caught up with athletes for his colorful comments and then using social media and videos like this one to clarify his statements. What do you think about his choice of words for one of the best in the league?

h/t: Complex

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