Kendall Jenner is Quite the Photographer From model to photographer, Jenner does it all

Kendall Jenner is Quite the Photographer

For almost 10 years now, the world has sat back and watched as the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s have taken over, from reality television to makeup and everything in between. Honestly, it seems as if you can’t go anywhere these days without having six degrees of separation from them. The family has managed to stay relevant and in demand due largely in part to their impact on social media.

All of the sisters have amassed millions of followers on both Twitter and Instagram, giving fans an inside look into their photo shoots, product lines, and daily activities. With so much access to the family, it goes without saying that some people feel like they’re the sixth sister. While so much of their lives being focused on them being the “content” of everything they do, it was a nice change of pace, recently, when Kendall Jenner stepped on the other side of the camera to help create the content.



Usually the one having her photo taken by paparazzi – and photographers – it was a complete change when readers of Love Magazine saw Jenner’s name credited as the photographer and not the model after she shot a cover for the publication, featuring Kaia Gerber (daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford) over the summer. With little to no publicity of Kendall taking the photos, the model again stepped behind the camera to shoot another upcoming cover for LOVE magazine.

This time, Jenner and the magazine teamed up to run a contest in search of their next cover model. The contest rules were simple: you must between 15-35 years of age, write who you were, and an explanation of what you like to do. Winners would be chosen and flown to Los Angeles to shoot with Kendall. Going from model to photog looks like a very smooth transition for Jenner, as her first cover from the contest featuring model Arianna Singh-Hicks is set to come out this month.

After seeing multiple stars in their respective fields step away from their primary job a la Kendall Jenner, Kevin Durant, and Jared Leto to be the content creator, are we looking at a new wave of dual threat actors/models and athletes in the making?


Source: inquisitr

Bryant Coffey

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