Instagram Adds New Audio Autoplay Feature If you've noticed more sound in your feed than usual, you're not just hearing things

New Instagram update enhances storytelling abilities

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram lately and have tapped on a video or two, you’ve probably noticed you enabled sound for all videos in the feed. This is part of the photo sharing app’s latest update, a new “autoplay” feature that allows the user to keep sound on or off while on Instagram.

When you open the app, the default setting is for the sound to be off. This feature is great if you’re in a meeting, at work, or in a public space where you wouldn’t want to distract others. But if you have headphones or are in a private area and actually want the sound on, you can tap the screen once, and won’t have to worry about turning on the sound for every other video you see. When the app is closed out and you come back to it later, Instagram will default back to muted videos, so you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of a loud feed later in the day.

Instagram’s idea to keep your preference as you continue to scroll through your feed is definitely convenient for users as it saves them time from dealing with tapping every single video. It’s also good for content creators who have video and audio content and hate dealing with captions. Facebook recently tried a similar feature, which caused a lot of backlash and uproar. Since then, Facebook has learned its lesson and slowly rolled out the feature after listening to its users.

Video content on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, is becoming a huge draw for advertiser. The visual storytelling allows companies to show off their products, while drawing in more eyes, and it allows users to simultaneously express their creative sides and be multifaceted rather than just one-dimensional with photos or text. And small but important features like this provide users more functionality and control with the content they consume.

Chad Sanchez

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