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iCollect: A Look at DJ Skee’s Insane Sports and Hip-Hop Memorabilia Collection DJ Skee provides us with another classic iCollect episode.

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Things are heating up.

The third episode of our “iCollect” video series – in which we which provide you with a look inside the unique collections (all types of collections – art, sneakers, cars, vinyls, etc) of celebrities, personalities and overall collectors, Los Angeles native, DJ Skee, invited us to his lavish Sherman Oaks home to get an exclusive, in-depth look at his insane sports and hip-hop memorabilia collection. Check the video out to see George Kiel chat with Skee and detail the limitless amount of memorabilia in his collection.

About the “iCollect” series: Most celebrities, personalities and overall collectors have a stash that’s unique to them, so, here at coiski, we’re providing you with an exclusive, in-depth look inside those collections, whether it be sneakers, art, vinyls, cars, etc. Sit back, relax and get ready to be floored by awesome collections of all things.

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