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Hyundai Takes a Kick at New Ad Approach for Super Bowl LI The Super Bowl ad game could be changed forever

Football fans, it’s that time of year again! Super Bowl Sunday is only 10 days away, where countless fans and consumers are soon-to-be glued to their screens to watch two of the best NFL teams going head to head for the Lombardi trophy. But the Super Bowl isn’t just about the game. Along with an exciting halftime show by top-rated, electrifying artists, the big event will be also bring forth of the most creative advertisements ever to hit the screen.

This year, Hyundai is taking the ad game to a whole new level with an innovative documentary on Super Bowl LI itself. During the game, director Peter Berg (director of “Patriots Day”) will be shooting a three-hour movie, and then releasing it in a “post gun” ad slot after the game. This ad is anticipated to document “some of the best off-the-field Super Bowl moments.”

Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai, Dean Evans, knows that the Super Bowl is a huge platform for advertising. Evans’ agenda is to carry creativity across the line of scrimmage after a successful year, which was affirmed by the pre-game ad that finished first in the USA Today Ad Meter starring Kevin Hart.

As we know, ads are something to look forward to during the Super Bowl – most will be funny, while others might be clever or heartwarming. But if Hyundai can kick the limits of creativity beyond the stadium, then the Super Bowl ad game might be changed forever.

Denis Boateng

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