Graphic Designer Trolls People who Asked to be Photoshopped You get what you ask for from this content creator

British graphic designer James Fridman is trolling fans who are asking him for special requests to photoshop their pictures. What they get are some hilarious finished products. Fridman is known for taking people’s photographs and adding his own twist, but some of his latest work is grabbing even more attention.

Take this first photo, for example. The user asked to look less like a child, and Fridman did just that, taking away some hair and giving him the features of a 40-year-old, balding adult.

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Or, even one where the subject asks to make Fridman look “not alone,” so he places the King of Pop himself in the background referencing Michael Jackson’s hit single “You Are Not Alone.”

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Just to keep the content rolling, here are some other requests that people asked of Fridman. Whether they knew what they were getting into or not, these are extremely hilarious.

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A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

To see more of his Photoshop skills, Fridman has his work displayed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his own website, Keep up the good work, James!

Chad Sanchez

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