GoPro to Release Brand New Spherical Camera An action camera suited for virtual reality!

GoPro to Release New Spherical Camera

GoPro, Inc. announced to the world their brand new GoPro Fusion camera, which is is a 5.2k spherical camera that will cover virtual reality content as well as non-VR content and photos. GoPro will not release the camera for sale until the end of 2017.

Content creators are welcomed to apply to test the beta version of the Fusion Camera that will be released summer 2017.

Below is a glimpse of what the GoPro Fusion will be capable of. Make sure to spin around and see all the angles.

The GoPro Fusion will change the way video is made for all content creators. You will no longer need multiple cameras to frame your shot. With the GoPro Fusion, you will be able to record every frame from every direction and edit the part you want after. Having options of different frame angles can help creatives save time. If you choose to keep the 360 VR video, it’s a great way to keep your audience engaged in the action.

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