Google Wants You To Write The News Nashville and Oakland will get to test the new Google News App first

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In an effort to boost local and breaking news, Google is making it easier than ever for the average citizen to publish stories. With its latest app, Bulletin, Google hopes the general public will start writing the news, particularly stories you may not hear about every day.

Google stated they want their users to create “hyperlocal stories” for their communities. James Morehead, a product manager for Google has noted that their latest creation, “is about enriching the public web for local content” and said Google will work with local news organizations to help them spread the work of local writers in their communities.

Users of the app will now be able to effortlessly create the news they feel the world should see, and the author will control the content and can take it down any time they want.

Bulletin is still in its younger stages and won’t see a major mainstream release anytime soon. For the time being, the app is pilot testing in Nashville and Oakland because they are two of Google’s “Fiber Cities”.

Google is not alone in the world of expanding the world of journalism to just anyone, with Facebook following right behind. The social media platform has rolled Highlights, a feed that curates local news and events from local media.

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