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Google App Adds Screenshot Editing Feature in Beta The new in-app screenshot editing feature gives users a faster and easier way to share

Just last week Google added a new screenshot editing feature in the beta version 7.21 that also works in Chrome custom tabs. This feature rolled out last April but is finally available for all Android users, bringing them an easier and faster way to share content, rather than the standard Android option.

To enable the feature, you can enroll in the beta program through the Google Play Store. Once you enroll you can go to the Google app settings and under Accounts and Privacy you can toggle on “Edit and share screenshots.”

Anytime you screenshot within the app a panel will pop up at the bottom of the screen, giving users the option to preview, edit or share. If you select the edit option, you will be able to crop just what you want and will have access to draw on it as well. Once you finish editing the screenshot you can select “Finish” panel at the bottom of your screen which will take you to your screenshots folder and open the share menu where you can share it to anyone or through your apps.

Happy screenshotting, content creators!

Rikki Yanez

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