GoPro Hero4 Improves Exploration New microphone helps withstand the elements

If you are a fan of the GoPro, you know that the tiny little device packs a huge punch when it comes to recording live action. Thrill-seekers love to use it to record their many adventures such as skydiving, paragliding, surfing, and base-jumping to name a few.

But the device has always been notorious for poor audio quality. Natural elements like wind, snow, water, or other issues like using the camera underwater made the videos lack that perfect quality that the GoPro strives to provide. And every good content creator knows that a video is only as good as its sound.

GoPro’s new collaboration seeks to solve its audio woes. In conjunction with Sennheiser, a German company that manufactures headphones and microphones, GoPro has added a waterproof microphone. The device is called the MKE2 and it has a large fluffy windshield designed to withstand the elements while producing clear sound, with an elastic suspension that blocks out any structure noises like vibrations that could disturb the audio. The device works by connecting to the Hero4’s USB port inside the waterproof housing with the microphone being external.

Content creators love to live in a world of adventure, striving to explore and create without limitations, continually pushing the boundaries, and the GoPro series has definitely helped accomplish that goal. With the addition of the MKE2, audiences will come even closer to the emotions and sounds of those experiences.

Check out the video below to see the difference between the standard internal mic of the Go Pro4, compared to the Senheiser MKE2:

Chad Sanchez

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