Facebook to Spend $1 Billion This Year On Original Video Content This could be a huge move for the social media site

When Facebook announced earlier this year it would be rolling out its own original TV programming, few people really understood what Facebook was cooking up.

In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Facebook says it is now prepared to drop upwards of $1 billion on its new TV shows in 2018. With over 2 billion members already on the social media platform, this budget is sure to please most of the members and build its overall brand.

Facebook has been prepping for this move within its app for a while now. For one thing, the social media company has replaced the video button with a “Watch” tab, which is sure to keep users on their toes as they look forward to the new content Facebook is getting ready to put out.

So far, Facebook has been seeking out YouTube personalities to help make the push into the world of television. With a strong enough cast, Facebook is slated to have much success and make good use of its huge budget.

Is this a good move for Facebook, or should it focus more on news and links rather than video and streaming? Lets us know in the comments below what you are thinking!

Joe R. Wells

Currently attending college in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Theology. I collect sneakers and go on mission trips with my church every summer.

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