Facebook Plans to Expand Platform for Content with New TV App Facebook may not be a media company/network just yet, but it's taking the necessary steps towards it


Facebook is not considering holding back on expansion and development for users to produce content. As the latest features were introduced to the Facebook app (Pop-up comments, Apply Now), the social network revealed the plans to soon release their TV app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV. The new app is meant for users to be able to view content that they’re interested in, keep up with videos posted by friends, and also, for content creators, build an audience. I’m sure facebook users would find the TV app very accessible as the social network itself has become a media outlet of its own, but it refuses to refer to itself as a media company, and that could be just to protect their future plans.

“For some people who were winning in the last generation of media, this all might seem troubling, but for me and Fullscreen and other companies in this space, the golden age is still coming,” said Alan Beard, CMO of Fullscreen Media and co-founder of social media agency McBeard.

If Facebook actually decided to become a full-on media company with its own original content, it wouldn’t be a surprise. They have hired former MTV executive Mina LeFevre to be in charge of video content. Facebook may not be a full media company just yet, but it seems like their taking the necessary steps towards such a move. This could mean something new for regular television, as TV networks have already incorporated live stream; who knows what could happen when Facebook joins Apple TV, which is also planning to provide original content of its own.

Source: Adweek


Denis Boateng

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